Grog with lemon and spices

Many of us associate Grog with salty sea spray and pirates, since this drink was originally a favorite cocktail of the port of sailors.

The foundation. The basis of the modern version of grog is usually boiled water or tea, less often coffee or red wine diluted with water. The non-alcoholic base should be 50% or more of the finished beverage. It is recommended to boil the water for making grog and cool it a little to 70 ° C, and the tea for the grog should be strong enough (it is better to choose black tea, but in modern grog recipes you can find the use of green, mate or rooibos);

Strong alcoholic drinks. For grog, rum is best, of course, but you can use cognac, whiskey, vodka or even absinthe. A strong drink is added to a hot base, sometimes it is boiled a little with it, but you can do without it. And to reveal the aroma before adding to the base (if there is no joint boiling), the alcohol is slightly warmed up in a water bath;

Lemon. It is customary to add lemon to grog to improve taste and better aroma, but you can experiment with lime or orange. Citrus liqueurs can be used for flavoring;

Sugar. For lovers of sweetness, you can add sugar, honey, crushed caramel, sugar and fruit syrups or liqueurs. Remember, honey should be added at the very end of cooking, and never boiled.

Spices. Grog cannot be imagined without aromatic spices: cinnamon (ground and in a stick), anise, cloves, nutmeg, bay leaves, ginger, hot red and black pepper, etc. The main thing is not to overdo it with spices, they should only be an additional note, which helps to open up a bouquet of strong alcohol;

Other ingredients. You can also put other ingredients in grog: for example, dried fruits, dairy products (cream, milk, butter), eggs, fruit juices. You need to be careful with ingredients such as eggs, because grog is usually served hot, so before adding eggs, you need to cool it down a little, and while adding eggs, stir constantly so that the eggs do not turn into scrambled eggs.

Grog will help you warm up deliciously in winter.