The recipe is not ordinary, but very tasty dessert. On the Internet, there is a video of how fried ice cream is prepared in the Black Sea resorts, but it is done there at sub-zero temperatures. Today I will show you how to make real fried ice cream.

It would seem, how can you fry this delicacy so that it does not spread over the pan? It turns out that everything is very simple, making fried ice cream at home is not difficult. To do this, we need ice cream (take any of your choice), toast bread and a pan of hot oil (deep-fried).

Ingredients for 1 serving

  • Ice cream 1 scoop (50 gr)
  • Toast bread 2 slices.
  • Nuts for decoration.
  • Berries for decoration.
  • Mint for decoration.
  • Cane sugar (brown) 10 gr.
  • Cinnamon 1 gr. (optional).
  • Caramel sauce for decoration. (can be replaced with any sweet topping).

Cooking fried ice cream

  • First of all, roll up a ball of ice cream, and put it in the freezer for 2 hours. The ice cream should freeze very much. Mix sugar and cinnamon, in this mixture we will roll the fried ice cream.
  • Cut the crusts off the slices of bread and thin them with a rolling to make fried ice cream
  • Put a scoop of ice cream on the first slice and make a ball.
    how to make fried ice creamhow to make fried ice cream
  • Top with a second slice of bread and carefully roll into a ball again.
    how to make fried ice creamfried ice cream at home
  • Put the bread ball with ice cream into a hot fryer or a pan with butter. Remember, the butter must be hot so that the bread has time to fry before the ice cream melts. Checking the readiness of the oil is very simple, stick a toothpick into it, and if the oil starts to sizzle and bubble, then it has warmed up.
    how to check the manual heating of deep frying
  • Fry the ice cream for 10-15 seconds and remove from deep fryer immediately.
    fried ice creamfried ice cream recipe
  • Roll fried ice cream in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Put on a plate, decorate with berries, mint, pour with sweet sauce and serve.
  • Not an ordinary and delicious dessert is ready. Bon Appetit!
  • (Deutsch) frittiertes Eis
    (Italiano) gelato fritto
    (Español) helado frito
    (Português) sorvete frito
    (Nederlands) gefrituurd ijs
    (Svenska) friterad glass
    (Български) пържен сладолед
    (Dansk) stegt is
    (Polski) smażone lody
    (Català) gelat fregit
    (العربية) آيس كريم مقلي
    (Čeština) smažená zmrzlina
    (Lietuvių) kepti ledai
    (Українська) Смажене морозиво
    (Eesti keel) praetud jäätis
    (Hrvatski) pohani sladoled
    (Latviešu) cepts saldējums
    (中文(简体)) 炸雪糕