In a previous article, we talked about how to make grape wine at home. In this review, the wine theme will be continued. But let's take apples as a product.

If not everyone grows grapes, and they need care, then apple trees can be found in almost every garden plot.

apple tree with apples

The harvest of apples, almost every year, is quite high, and with a plentiful harvest, sometimes a problem arises: what to do with so many apples? Although you can try to eat them all, there will still be a lot left. This is where recycling comes in. You can cook compote, jam, jam, or you can put wine.

Here's how to make apple wine at home and will be discussed next.

In general, any wine, even from grapes, even from apples, is made from juice. There is always little juice at the exit, so some add water. But, if possible, it is better to put the wine on the juice.

Juice means squeezing the fruit with a juicer. This is all good, but here's one caveat, not everyone has a juicer. But even here there is a way out, you can make wine without squeezing apples for juice.

Apple wine at home a simple recipe without juicing

This option is quite simple and not too laborious. For example, at the time of this writing, I have a jar of future wine at the final stage.

But, everything is in order. The first thing we start with is the harvest. It is best to collect directly from the tree. Here, the apples are neat, without wormholes and corruption.

How to make wine from apples at home - simple recipes for making

But there is a lot of carrion on the ground. And not all the apples that lie there are bad. Why disappear "good", we also collect the best apples.

apples on the ground

So, we harvested, not all, of course, there are a lot of them. But there is more than enough of what has been collected.

apples in buckets

We do not wash apples - the yeast fungi located on them will be needed in the subsequent stages. If there is any dirt, just wipe the apples with a cloth. Now we prepare the necessary utensils and tools. We will need jars, a knife, a rubber glove and a meat grinder. If you use a water seal, then take it.

First, let's prepare the apples. We cut them into small slices, removing the core and bad places, if they suddenly show up.

sliced ​​apples

Sliced ​​apples pass through a meat grinder. The result is applesauce.

How to make wine from apples at home - simple recipes for making

If you have children, you can share this product with them, because it is tastier and more natural than the similar FrutoNyanya.

So, we rubbed all the apples. By the way, we do a similar procedure if you decide to cook apple jam. After the meat grinder, this mass is obtained, which will be involved in the next stage.

apple puree

Now add sugar to the resulting mass. We put it at the rate of 1 kg of mass - 150 g of sugar. In principle, a glass of sugar is enough for 2 kg. Mix well and put in a jar. Fill the jar with a mass of no more than 2/3 of the volume of the jar. Before the neck, you need to leave enough space so that during fermentation, the rising mass does not leave the jar. Now we tie the throat with gauze and put the jar in a warm and dark place.

a jar of applesauce

We leave to ferment for 4-5 days. After 10-15 hours, the fermentation process will begin, bubbles, foam will appear, the mass will begin to rise. During this period, it is necessary to mix the whole mass twice a day.

After 5 days, it will be necessary to pour the fermented mass into a clean jar, filtering the juice from the pulp. To do this, take a pan or other container, put a sieve on it and gauze on top. We pass the contents of the jar through cheesecloth.

straining the juice

We squeeze out the rest. There is not much juice from them, but still, the extra does not hurt. Now ready, the juice that has already begun to ferment, is poured into a clean container directly for fermentation. Since the juice is already fermenting, there is no need for extra additives in the form of yeast or sugar. But a little, with a teaspoon of sugar, I still add, for greater intensity of the start of fermentation. On top of the jar we put on either a water seal or a glove.

a jar with a glove

The jar also needs to be placed in a warm and dark place, in the same place where it stood at the first stage. All that remains is to wait until the juice ferments. After a couple of hours, you can find that the glove has risen, and there are bubbles in the jar.

How to make wine from apples at home - simple recipes for making

It started fermenting. Do not forget to pierce the glove to release carbon dioxide. The whole process should take about two months. A fallen glove will testify that the fermentation has ended and we have got young wine in the jar. The appearance of bubbles will also end, and a precipitate has formed at the bottom, and the liquid itself will become somewhat lighter. The fermentation process is over, you can proceed to filtration.

Here you can do it in several ways. First, take a tube. We lower it into a jar so that its end does not touch the sediment and pour the wine into another container.

pouring wine from a jar

You can simply, if there is not much wine in a jar, carefully pour without shaking the sediment. But, at the same time, it is better to do this procedure through a funnel with gauze.

Some craftsmen manage to use the Barrier water filter as a filter.

In general, do what is more convenient for you. Maybe you can also invent your own way.

After the wine has been filtered, pour it into bottles and close them tightly. Air shouldn't get in. We put the bottles for ripening not in a warm, but in a cold place, so that repeated fermentation does not begin.

bottles with wine

In this form, the wine should ripen for about three months, at least. And only after that it will be possible to try it.

As you can see, the process is quite simple and does not require any costs. Of all kitchen appliances - a meat grinder. Suitable for both mechanical and electrical. With an electric one, twisting apples will be somewhat faster.

This is an option for making wine without juicing. We scrolled apples to puree, and only then in the process of fermentation received juice.

In other versions, apple juice is also used, but it is already specially squeezed out of apples using a juicer. This option, by the way, is the most recommended. But, there are many recipes and everyone is free to choose their own.

A simple recipe for making apple wine at home

Before telling you how to make wine with juice extraction, I would like to offer you this option. It is very original, but also very easy to prepare.

There is no need to squeeze or twist anything at all.

Harvested apples, which are naturally not washed, are cut into small slices. The entire core with bones is removed. Sliced ​​apples are placed in a clean container. In this case, a large plastic bucket.

sliced ​​apples

Then we fall asleep chopped apples with sugar. Sugar is taken at the rate of 10 kg of apples - 3 kg of sugar.

How to make wine from apples at home - simple recipes

And now, attention. 10 liters of water are poured into a bucket. It is better to take water not from the tap, but clean bottled water.

How to make wine from apples at home - simple recipes

It turns out that the wort for fermentation is made exclusively on water. Although apples are not washed, so that the yeast needed for fermentation remains on them, you can add 150 g of raisins for faster fermentation.

add raisins

Now, everything that was covered and poured is mixed well, we close the bucket with a lid and put it in a warm place for 6 days. During this period, the wort will ferment and must be periodically stirred twice a day.

After this period, we open the bucket and see that such a mess has turned out.

fermented mass in a bucket

Now it is necessary to separate all the apple pomace from the liquid. To do this, take out the cake with a sieve, filter the remaining liquid through gauze. The cake itself, before throwing it away, also wring it out. We drain the wort into a bottle and put it under the shutter, well, or a glove.

bottle with must

That's all, now let this peculiar juice stand and ferment. The bottle is not completely filled, but 2/3 of the volume. Based on the proportions that were used in this recipe: 10 kg of apples and 10 liters of water, the output after filtration turned out to be about 20 liters of must. To this volume, add another 3 kg of sugar.

Now we leave to wander for another two weeks. Although the fermentation process as a whole can go on for about a month. It all depends on the variety of apples, temperature, etc. At least the end of fermentation can be recognized by a fallen glove. Stop bubbling, etc.

When this process is over, it will be necessary to remove the wine from the sediment. To do this, a silicone tube or a small-diameter hose is taken and lowered into a jar. The tube should not reach the sediment.

drain wine

The sediment itself can also be filtered using cheesecloth or nylon stockings. The main thing is that grains of sediment do not fall back into the wine.

Now we pour the resulting liquid into a bottle and again put it under a water seal for a week. The wine is still young and it still plays quietly. A week later, we similarly remove the wine from the sediment and set it again for 10 days.

When ten days have passed, the wine is finally removed from the sediment and bottled, in which it will be stored. Here it must be kept for about three more months for better consolidation, and then you can calmly treat yourself and treat your friends to it.

Apple wine at home a simple recipe for cooking with a juicer

This is a classic recipe. Wine is made from juice here. Obtained by pressing it with a juicer.

apples in buckets

This recipe for making wine uses 20 kg of apples and a juicer. Apples, of course, are not washed. We start by running all 20 kg through a juicer.

How to make wine from apples at home - simple recipes

After processing apples, which were, let me remind you, 20 kg, we got 12 liters of juice.

apple pomace in a container

Leftover apple pomace can be thrown away, but some winemakers add water and make apple moonshine.

But, our goal is wine. Now you will need to add sugar to the apple juice. We add based on a liter of juice - 200 g of sugar. Pour it out and mix well. We do not pour out all the sugar, but leave about 300 grams for the next stage of fermentation.

add sugar

After that, close the container with a lid or gauze and set for three days for fermentation. In this case, every day you need to stir the juice. A cap forms on the surface and it must be knocked off two or three times a day.


After three days, we see that the wild yeast that was in the juices began to work well and the juice ferments intensively, forming bubbles on the surface.

How to make wine from apples at home - simple recipes for making

Now all this fermented juice is well mixed and poured into a bottle. Before pouring the juice, pour those 300 grams of sugar that were left from the first stage. Now we pour the fermented juice, and put a glove on the neck of the bottle as a water seal. We pierce a hole so that the formed carbon dioxide would come out.

 a bottle of juice

We put the bottle on fermentation. Wander will be about three weeks plus or minus. After it ferments (the glove falls off, the liquid stops bubbling) we get a lighter liquid.

wine in liquid

We remove it from the sediment, the methods were described above, and again we set it to wander under the glove for two weeks. After two weeks, we again remove from the sediment and bottle it. We put the bottles in storage and ripening for about a month. After that, the finished wine can be consumed.

That's all, good luck with your winemaking.

How to make wine from apples at homeconditions - simple recipes for makingHow to make wine from apples at home - simple recipes for making

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Things to know (Q&A)

What is the easiest way to make wine at home?

Instructions: Making Wine the Easy Way

  1. Wash everything thoroughly in hot water. This is basically the only thing you can do wrong. ...
  2. Pour out between 3/4 and 1 cup of the grape juice. ...
  3. Add 1.5 cups of sugar into the grape juice. ...
  4. Add one yeast packet. ...
  5. Wait 5 minutes. ...
  6. Place the balloon over the top of the bottle.

Can wine be made from apples?

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How long does it take for apple wine to ferment?

Ferment for 4 to 5 days or until Specific Gravity is 1.040 or less. Strain out the fruit (if needed) and press lightly. Rack into gallon jug and attach fermentation lock. Rack after the first week, then every 1-2 weeks as needed until there is no heavy sedimentation.

Can you turn apples into wine?

No Need To Juice The Apples

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How long does apple fermentation take?

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