The Perfect Salted Red Fish Recipe

A festive table is inconceivable without a plate with red slices of salted fish. Although recently the holiday has migrated into a daily routine: for example, a piece of red fish on bruschetta or accompanied by a poached egg is already a classic of the breakfast genre in the capital. Not only beautiful and tasty, but also healthy: red fish contains vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids - something that makes fans of various food systems include it in their lists.

In this master class, we showed you how to pickle salmon. It is very simple and fast, and the effect of home-salted fish will exceed all expectations: it will turn out tender, juicy, slightly salty, without cloying, which is most often vacuum-sealed factory options.

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Mix 1 tablespoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons of salt and 0.5 tablespoons of Provencal herbs in a bowl. You can use any herbs you like, but remember that their aroma should not kill the fresh smell of lightly salted fish, and should be appropriate for the genre. For example, cumin or coriander will persistently remind you of Borodino bread, star anise - of the East. And this is a completely different story.

How to pickle salmon


Rinse 1 kilogram of salmon fillet under running water, pull out the long costal bones with tweezers or by hand. Then dry the fish with paper towels.

How to pickle salmon


Compare the size of the fillet and the size of the container in which you plan to salt the fish. Cut the fillet in half or into more pieces to fit in the container.

How to pickle salmon


Sprinkle the fillets generously with the mixture of salt, sugar and herbs. Rub them with your hands into the flesh of the fish.

How to pickle salmon


Sprinkle some of the mixture on the bottom of the brining container. Place one piece of fish on top, skin side down.

How to pickle salmon


Cover the fillet with the second piece of fish, skin side up.

How to pickle salmon


Sprinkle the fish with the rest of the mixture, rub it into the edges of the fish.

How to pickle salmon


Cover the container with a lid or cling film, refrigerate. At least 12 hours, preferably a day.

How to pickle salmon


After a day, remove the fish, wash off the remaining salt, sugar and herbs, blot with napkins, cut the fillet into slices and serve. If you plan to serve the fish later, cut as much as you need now, store the remaining salmon in a whole piece so that it does not dry out, in a container covered with a lid or film. Salted fish should be consumed within 5 days.

How to pickle salmon