Marinade for pork skewers, which one is better to cook? It's up to you to decide!

Pork kebab marinade is the key to the success of your kebab!

Pork neck skewers. Armenian marinade recipe

Perfectly cooked meat is a win-win option for your table. Barbecue recipes are varied, all chefs have their own secret in their bosoms.

Tasty marinated pork is half the battle. This recipe is classic Armenian, with the addition of red wine. How to marinate pork to make a juicy kebab? Read below.

So, to cook a delicious barbecue, you will need:


Pork neck 2 kg
Red wine 250 ml.
Onion 0.5 kg
Garlic 2 cloves
Bay leaf 4 things.
oregano 1 tsp
Coriander, paprika and basil 1 st. l.
Black, allspice and red ground pepper 0.5 tsp.
Salt 1 st. l.
Olive oil 50 ml.

Step by step cooking

  • To marinate the meat, cut it into small cubes.Armenian recipe. We cut the meat.
  • Put the pieces in a deep container and pour red wine (preferably homemade), mix thoroughly with your hands, kneading the meat a little.Armenian recipe. Mix with wine.
  • We clean the onion from the husk. Finely chop 2 onions and squeeze the juice out of it into a container with pork. Cut the remaining onions into rings of 5-6 mm, grate the garlic on a fine grater or chop finely (squeezed through a press will not give the desired effect), and send them there too.Armenian recipe. Add onion, garlic.
  • In order for the marinade to have a finished spicy taste, spices are needed. Each cook has his own set, and most often, this list is passed down from generation to generation, from father to son. The author of the recipe added bay leaf, oregano, coriander, basil, red, allspice and black pepper, paprika, salt. Mix well, as if we are massaging the meat, so that all the spices are evenly distributed.Armenian recipe. Mix with spices.
  • And the last touch - pour in olive oil. It reveals the spices and prevents moisture from evaporating quickly when frying. Leave to marinate for at least 8 hours.Armenian recipe. Pickled ready-made meat.
  • Marinated meat is ready! The aroma is magical, I want to eat it still raw. You can go to the barbecue. The pork kebab turned out very tasty, tender and juicy. All the guests asked for the marinade recipe.

    Pork tenderloin skewers. Pork barbecue recipe

    Pork tenderloin skewers are tender, soft, but dry (there is no fat in it). This can be compensated when frying by alternating pieces of meat with bacon on a skewer.

    With this marinade, you get a delicious kebab from any part of the carcass, be it the neck, entrecote or tenderloin. You definitely have not seen such a method of preparation yet.

    Ingredients for 2 kg of meat:


    Pork 2 kg
    A little vinegar essence for lock
    Onion half
    Zira (if you use mutton fat, optional) 0.5 st
    Turmeric 0.5 cl
    Apple half
    Mineral water highly carbonated 0.5 cup
    Black pepper 1 tbsp
    Salt 1.5 st. l.

    Step by step cooking

  • Before marinating the kebab, the meat must be soaked in water with the addition of vinegar essence. This will help get rid of bad odor and bacteria. Pour a weak solution into a deep container (it tastes like lemon juice) and immerse the pork in it. Wait a minute and get it. Pat dry with paper towel.From pork tenderloin. Soak the meat in vinegar.
  • Cut the pork tenderloin into equal pieces of medium size (large ones will not be fried, and small ones will dry out). Cut off the veins and connective tissue and discard.From pork tenderloin. Cut the meat.
  • We begin to prepare the marinade. Pour black pepper, salt, zira and turmeric into a small bowl. Now we need to add onion juice. To do this, rub it on a fine grater in a sieve. Position the sieve so that only the juice gets into the marinade through it. It can also be done through a meat grinder or juicer.From the pork tenderloin. Grate the onion.
  • We do the same with the apple. Add mineral water. Also through a sieve, it will wash away the remnants of apple-onion juice. Stir and pour over the pork mixture. Remember the marinated meat and tamp down so that it is completely covered with liquid.From the pork tenderloin. Ready marinade.
  • Cover with clingfilm or a lid and refrigerate the pork overnight. Shish kebab marinated according to this recipe is simply magical, the meat melts in your mouth.

    The best marinade for pork skewers

    All the best recipes for delicious barbecue are based on keeping the meat juicy and making it soft and tender, everything else is a matter of taste. There are a lot of options for marinade for pork, but kefir is the most win-win. There is also a secret ingredient, thanks to which the meat will turn out to be a beautiful golden color with a delicious crust, we will discuss this below.

    So, how to marinate pork? Ingredients for 1 kg of meat:


    Kefir 1 bottle is enough for 2-3 kg of meat
    ground paprika 1 member
    Onion the more the better, at least 3 large onions
    ground black pepper, coriander 0.5 cl
    Thyme 2 pinches
    Vegetable oil 2 tbsp
    Salt 1 tbsp without slide

    Step by step cooking

  • Mix salt, spices and vegetable oil in a deep bowl.On kefir. Mix spices.
  • Cut the onion into large rings arbitrarily, beauty is not needed here, it will still need to be crushed to get juice. Send it to the marinade, mix well, kneading with your hands.On kefir. Knead the onion.
  • While the onion gives juice, let's take care of the meat. Rinse it under running water, remove excess fat, films, connective tissues. Cut into small pieces, weighing 40-50 gr. Keep in mind that the pieces will be strung on a skewer across the fibers.On kefir. Cut the meat.
  • Fold the pork into the onion and seasoning mixture. Mix well so that all the spices evenly coat each piece. Give the meat a massage.On kefir. Mix meat with spices.
  • Pour everything with kefir so that it completely covers the meat. Stir again, cover with cling film and refrigerate for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.On kefir. Ready marinade.
  • Thread the pieces across the fibers, wring out the marinade so that the meat is fried, not stewed. Thanks to paprika, it will turn out to be a beautiful golden color, this ingredient cannot be excluded. Bon Appetit!

    How to cook pork skewers, a quick marinade recipe in tomato juice

    New Year, March 8, May Day or just a weekend - in order to fry meat in the fresh air, you do not need to look for a reason. Do you want to change something in the usual taste of barbecue?

    Add tomato juice. Believe me, it is very tasty, just lick your fingers! The marinade cooks quickly, it nourishes the pork pieces in just a few hours.

    Ingredients for 2 kg of pork meat:


    Pork 4 kg
    Tomato juice 300 gr.
    Onion 400 gr.
    Water 100 gr.
    Bay leaf taste
    Pepper mix 1 member
    Allspice peas taste
    Salt 1.5 st. l.

    Step by step cooking

  • Onion cut into half rings.With tomato juice. Cut the onion.
  • Cut the meat into small pieces of equal size.With tomato juice. Cut the meat.
  • Put the pork and onion in a deep container, mix well, kneading the onion with your hands so that it releases its juice.With tomato juice. Mix meat with onion.
  • Add all the spices and mix well again.With tomato juice. Mix with spices.
  • Pour everything with tomato juice and add a little water so that the meat is completely covered with liquid. Mix and put in a cool place for 8-10 hours.With tomato juice. Ready marinade.
  • Fragrant, juicy, tender pork fried on coals, what could be tastier? Bon Appetit!

    The best marinade for pork kebab with kiwi

    Barbecue is a rather delicate matter, each action can affect the result, from the purchase of meat to the temperature of the coals. But the most important thing is preparation.

    The recipe for this marinade is universal. With it, any meat will turn out very tasty, juicy and tender. Only 3 ingredients and pork turn into a gastronomic masterpiece in 3-4 hours.

    How delicious to marinate pork skewers? For 2 kg of meat you will need:


    Pork 2 kg
    Kiwi (ripe, soft, you can even overripe) 100 gr.
    Onion 0.5 kg
    Salt and ground black pepper (any spices you like) taste

    Step by step cooking

  • Rinse the meat under running cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Cut into pieces of equal size, for skewers. Put in a deep container.With kiwi. Cut the meat.
  • Salt, pepper, mix well. Cut the onion in any way (rings, half rings). The author of the recipe made a gruel out of it using a food processor. Mix the pork with the onions, kneading well with your hands.With kiwi. Mix with onions and spices.
  • Now kiwi. Peel it from the peel and chop (you can knead it with your hands). Add it to the meat, mix well and leave to marinate for 3-4 hours.With kiwi. Knead kiwi.
  • Kiwi allows the meat to marinate well in just 3-4 hours. Wind on your mustache and cook the most delicious skewers. Your guests will definitely ask for the recipe.

    How to cook pork skewers, a proprietary recipe for mayonnaise

    Preparing for any festive dinner, the hostess every time thinks how to please the guests. Juicy, tender, fragrant, pieces of meat with a delicious crust - the perfect dish for your table.

    Cook a barbecue, you won’t lose, everyone loves it, both adults and children. The author of this recipe shares his signature way of preparing this wonderful dish, try it, you won't regret it.

    Required Ingredients:


    Pork neck 4.5 kg
    Mayonnaise 500 ml.
    Onion 1.5 kg
    Salt, spices to taste 3.5-4 tbsp
    Sunflower oil 4 tbsp. l.
    Vinegar 25% 2 tbsp. l.
    Eggs 2 pcs.

    Step by step cooking

  • Rinse the meat under running water, cut into small pieces of the same size for frying on skewers. Put in a deep saucepan, salt, mix.On mayonnaise. Chopped meat.
  • Add the onion, cut into half rings, and mix again, kneading well with your hands so that the onion gives its juice.On mayonnaise. Add onion.
  • Season with your favorite spices, pour in the vinegar, and toss until the marinade is evenly distributed and coats each bite.On mayonnaise. Mix with vinegar and spices.
  • Pour in sunflower oil, work with your hands again. Add raw eggs, mayonnaise. Extreme kneading and can be cleaned under the press in a cool place.On mayonnaise. Ready marinade.
  • It is better to marinate the meat in advance, the day before, overnight it will be well saturated with all the spices and become soft. Stir the pork pieces again before frying. Delicious barbecue - well-fed, satisfied guests. Bon Appetit!

    The best marinade for pork skewers.

    The fastest marinade recipe for pork skewers with honey and mustard

    Pork skewers recipes are so diverse that they can satisfy the preferences of a wide variety of people. Such a seemingly classic dish can take on a completely new taste every time.

    Methods for preparing marinade are sometimes amazing, but to understand which one you like best, you need to try it. Try this recipe, you won't regret it. As a result, you will get a juicy kebab with a spicy sweetish aftertaste.

    All ingredients are available, they can be purchased at any store, based on 1.5 kg of pork meat, you will need:


    Pork 1.5 kg
    Honey 1-1.5 tbsp
    Onion 0.5 kg
    Mustard 1 tbsp
    Salt taste
    Seasonings for barbecue taste

    Step by step cooking

  • Rinse the meat under running water, cut off all unnecessary (connective tissue, film) and cut into pieces. Adjust the size of the pieces depending on what you will fry on (barbecue grill or skewers). The author of the recipe will use a barbecue grill. Put them in a deep plate or pan.With honey. Cut the meat.
  • What's a barbecue without onions? We cut it in any way (thin rings or half rings), add it to the pan and mix well, kneading with our hands. Salt and stir again.With honey. Mix with onion and salt.
  • In a separate bowl, mix honey, mustard and spices. Add them to the meat and work well with your hands so that they wrap around each piece.With honey. Ready marinade.
  • Put under oppression and clean in a cool place. After an hour, you can already start frying. While the fire burns out, the pork will marinate. This marinade will make any meat soft and tender. Bon Appetit!
  • Barbecue marinade with soy sauce

    Any chef adds his own special zest to the dish, thanks to which it becomes special, and with barbecue. Who has not tried marinating meat with soy sauce, try it!

    The barbecue is just amazing. The author of the recipe was happy to share his zest.

    Ingredients for 1.5 kg of meat:


    Pork neck 1.5 kg
    Soy sauce 300 ml
    Onion 4 things.
    Seasoning hops-suneli (any spices) taste
    Salt pepper taste

    Step by step cooking

  • Prepare a deep dish in which we will marinate the pork. We clean the onion from the husk and cut into half rings. Squeeze it well with your hands so that the onion gives juice.With soy sauce. chop the onion.
  • Rinse the meat under cold running water, cut off all excess films from it. Cut into equal pieces of medium size. Pour over the onion and mix thoroughly.With soy sauce. cut the meat.
  • Add spices to your liking, the author used half a pack of suneli hops. Salt a little, keep in mind that soy sauce is salty. Work with your hands so that the seasonings are evenly distributed over the meat.With soy sauce. Mix with spices.
  • Pour in soy sauce, massage the meat.With soy sauce. Ready marinated meat.
  • Leave for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight. There is already a delicious aroma in the kitchen!

    Things to know (Q&A)

    What pork is best for kebabs?

    The best cut of pork to use for kebabs is tender and lean like pork neck meat or tenderloin . Because the meat won't cook long on the grill, you want a tender cut that won't dry ou

    What temperature should pork kabobs be cooked to?


    Preheat your grill to Medium/high heat (400˚F). Add skewers in a single layer and grill for 8-10 minutes total. Meat skewers turn like a triangle so we cook about 3 minutes per side on all 3 sides. Grill until cooked through and meat reaches at least 145˚F internal temperatur

    How do you marinate meat for BBQ?

    1. Simple Grill Marinades and what should be considered when Marinating?

    1. Before marinating, wash the meat and dab dry with kitchen paper.
    2. Do not salt the marinade, salt extracts water from the meat and dries it.
    3. Cover the meat completely with marinade and marinate for 1-3 hours for a maximum of 2 days.

    What is the best part of pork for BBQ?

    Baby Back Ribs

    Many would agree they're the best pork cut for BBQ ribs. The reason they're of a higher quality than the spare rib cuts is because they come from the loin meat rather than the belly area.