Preparation timeCooking timePortions


  • Ginger - 20 g
  • Bulgarian pepper - 3 pcs.
  • Olive oil - 20 g
  • Pineapple - 300 g
  • Zucchini - 300 g
  • Spaghetti to taste
  • Chicken breasts - 2 pcs

Cooking method

  • First you need to fry vegetables and fruits in olive oil and add spices to taste.
  • At this time, fry the chicken breasts with ginger.
  • Add two tablespoons of curry sauce and the contents of the pans to the boiling water.
  • Cook spaghetti nests separately.
  • Pour the soup into bowls.
  • Place a nest of spaghetti in the center of each plate.
  • How and with what to serve

    With chili peppers.

    Things to know (Q&A)

    What is the active ingredient in Chinese birds nest soup?

    The dish is named so because the main ingredient in preparing it is Edible Bird's Nest . YES! The soup is made from edible bird nests which are called the “Caviar of the East”. Bird's Nest Soup is extremely rare and valuable.

    Is bird's nest soup illegal?

    Matthew Kassel / Business Insider BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese authorities have banned shark fin and bird's nest soup from official receptions and told lower level officials they cannot stay in suites on business trips in the latest step in a crackdown on extravagance and waste.

    Why is bird nest soup so expensive?

    The partially dissolved nest of a swiftlet, a small bird native to Southeast Asia. Three times a year, swiftlets build nests out of their sticky saliva on cave walls and cliff sides, where they raise their young. It's the high cost of these saliva nests that makes bird's nest soup so expensive.

    What does bird's nest soup taste like?

    Alone, it has very little taste, in fact, it tastes like egg white . However, depending on the way it is prepared and the broth used, it can be anything from bland to tasty or even spicy. The main attraction in this delicacy is the texture. The texture of a birds nest soup is often described as luxurious.

    What is birds nest ingredient?

    The major ingredients of edible bird nest are glycoproteins [2]. Sialic acid (9%) is the major carbohydrates found in edible bird nest. The other major carbohydrates include 7.2% galactosamine, 5.3% glucosamine, 16.9% galactose and 0.7% fucose [2].

    What is edible bird's nest made of?

    The nests are composed of interwoven strands of salivary cement . Both nests have high levels of calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. The nests were formerly harvested from caves, principally the enormous limestone caves at Gomantong and Niah in Borneo.

    Is Bird Nest really good for health?

    From a biological standpoint, Bird's Nest contains proteins, amino acids and minerals that are essential for healthy development. ... By improving the function of the Lungs and Kidneys, Bird's Nest helps boost the body's immune system and increase resistance to external environmental factors. 20

    Is birds nest soup safe to eat?

    The high cost of bird's nest soup comes from the dangerous retrieval process of the nests, and the painstaking cleaning they go through to become safe to eat . ... The hefty price tag comes from the dangerous and extensive process of procuring the nests and cleaning them, so they are safe for consumption. 21

    Is birds nest banned?

    A government-led austerity drive is taking all the fun out of being a Chinese official. Birds' nest soup, made from the saliva of swiftlets, and shark fins are a fixture at expensive Chinese soirees. ... 23

    Is bird's nest soup real?

    Is it made with actual nests? Yes, believe it or not: Bird's nest soup is made with the nest of one specific species of bird, the swiftlet . These edible nests are made entirely of hardened saliva, which is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. 29

    Is bird nest soup good for you?

    According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, bird's nest soup imparts a youthful appearance, raises the libido , improves immune function, increases mental focus and treats respiratory ailments as well as digestive problems. 23

    How much is a bowl of bird's nest soup?

    Made from edible bird nests, called the “Caviar of the East,” bird's nest soup is extremely rare and extremely valuable. The main ingredient, the nest of the swiftlet bird, costs anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 per kilogram, resulting in a single bowl of soup that will set you back anywhere from $30 to $100 .

    Is Bird's nest expensive?

    Bird's Nest is one of the most expensive food products in the world. Often called the “Caviar of the East,” the average bird's nest can cost as much as $2,500 per kilogram , with some premium types costing $10,000 per kilogram.

    Is birds nest soup good?

    For possibly 1,200 years, the Chinese have prepared and eaten the nests as a soup. The nests are considered to have a high nutritional and medicinal value , believed to have everything from anti-aging and anti-cancer properties to the ability to improve concentration and raise libido.

    Is bird's nest soup cruel?

    Bird's nest soup. For devotees, it's a divine “caviar of the East,” a delicacy so extravagantly priced that some people kill and die over it. For critics, it's a dish created through cruelty and endowed with spurious qualities like sexual enhancement by status-seeking Chinese.