How to make an excellent sauce from apples and mustard

In this article, we publish a recipe for apple mustard, which is prepared in a restaurant: a light sweet and sour jam mixed with delicate Dijon mustard.

“This is the simplest snack that can be used in any way. Ideal to serve with cheeses. To different: seasoned, soft, whatever. Pairs well with some lamb, historically paired with sweet southern fruit sauces. Or with a bird that always gets along well with apples. You can even throw in ready-made meat stew, there is a lot of space for experiment. The main thing is to understand: it is sweet and sour, pungent, tart. And then there is the flight of fantasy.

Try to find firm green sweet and sour juicy apples like Granny Smith. The recipe indicates the weight of already peeled apples, but their number can be slightly varied - then the mustard will be either thicker or thinner.

If you want, you can try adding cinnamon or star anise to them, or both. Should be interesting.

In addition, if you want to reduce the apple aroma and taste and add liveliness to them, then change half of the apples used for celery stalks, also cut into small cubes.


First, dissolve agar-agar in water. It doesn't matter if it's warm or cold. Most likely, the agar-agar will begin to clump. To get rid of lumps, immerse the blender in the liquid.

Apple mustard


Pour granulated sugar and white wine vinegar into this water. Put on the stove, on low heat, for 15 minutes. An important nuance - do not neglect vinegar, without it the balance of sweet and sour will be disturbed in the recipe.

Apple mustard


Remove the skin from the apples. Cut them into a cube, the edges of which are equal to 5-7 millimeters - as for Olivier salad.

Apple mustard


Dip apples in sugar syrup. Boil for half an hour over low heat. Make sure that all the apples are immersed in the syrup. Stir lightly from time to time.

Apple mustard


After half an hour, add grainless Dijon mustard to the apples. Let it be Dijon mustard, and not strong Russian. Cooking mustard is optional, you can immediately remove the pan from the heat. Mix thoroughly and refrigerate.

Apple mustard


Serve chilled with cheeses and poultry.

Apple mustard

(Deutsch) Apfel Senf
(Italiano) senape di mele
(Português) mostarda de maçã
(Nederlands) appel mosterd
(Svenska) äppelsap
(Norsk) eple sennep
(Suomi) omenasinappi
(Български) ябълкова горчица
(Magyar) alma mustár
(Română) muştar de mere
(Dansk) æble sennep
(العربية) خردل التفاح
(한국어) 사과 겨자
(Українська) Яблучна гірчиця
(Eesti keel) õunasinep
(Hrvatski) senf od jabuke
(Melayu) sawi epal
(Latviešu) ābolu sinepes
(Türkçe) elma hardalı
(中文(简体)) 苹果芥末