What you need and can eat while fasting

The post was not invented for fun and gastronomic delights. But this is not a reason to eat fried potatoes with pickles and pasta with ketchup for forty days. From them the soul will not become more b...

Sat Dec 18 2021


Cottage cheese cookies - recipes for delicious homemade cookies

Today I will introduce you to the recipes for cottage cheese cookies. There are a lot of ways to make cottage cheese cookies at home, you can cook even without baking, but it always turns out ...

Tue Jan 25 2022


Cake with currants and rice cream

This currant and rice cream cake is quite unusual and its taste is difficult to describe, but it is worth making. Delicate almond cakes, finely structured rice cream and blackcurrant jelly will make y...

Sun Sep 12 2021


Summer zucchini dishes: TOP-5 recipes

In June, the season for young zucchini begins. We will show you how to prepare delicious and simple dishes from them.

Mon Aug 02 2021