What you need and can eat while fasting

The post was not invented for fun and gastronomic delights. But this is not a reason to eat fried potatoes with pickles and pasta with ketchup for forty days. From them the soul will not become more b...

Sat Dec 18 2021


Green tea smoothie

Smoothie is a vitamin cocktail, most often from a mixture of fruit purees, berries, juices, crushed ice and milk. Today I want to offer you a light and sunny, slightly deviating from the standard reci...

Fri Sep 10 2021

Recipes,Main course

Chicken Steak by Matt Damon

Chicken Steak by Matt Damon

Thu Nov 18 2021

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Bread in a slow cooker

Some models of multicooker have a “bread” mode, which consists of two cycles: raising the dough and baking. This is very convenient, but even without such a special mode, you can bake all kinds of bre...

Tue Sep 07 2021