Egg breakfast sandwiches

Want to diversify your breakfast diet? Egg sandwiches are an interesting option! Take note. You can cook in the oven or multicooker.

Wed Sep 08 2021


Mushroom goulash: recipes from champignons and porcini mushrooms

Pork goulash with mushrooms and sour cream is served with mashed potatoes or pasta. According to the recipe, the gravy turns out to be thick like a sauce, so you can also pour porridge with it. The dish turns out to be high-calorie, although with ...

Sat Apr 30 2022


5 great ways to make tomato sauce

In this article, we will share with you the correct recipe for Caucasian sauce with cilantro and spices. This sauce will decorate the dishes and complement the holiday table!

Sat Apr 30 2022


apple mustard

How to make an excellent sauce from apples and mustard

Fri Feb 04 2022


Italian Olivier - Cappon Magro Salad

Home Ligurian appetizer

Fri Feb 04 2022


Polish apple pie

A simple pie that tastes better than charlotte

Fri Feb 04 2022

Recipes,Main course

How to cook onion jam

Показывает и рассказывает Эрик Ле Прово, шеф ресторана Le carré

Fri Feb 04 2022


How to pickle salmon

The Perfect Salted Red Fish Recipe

Fri Feb 04 2022


Classic lemonade with lemon and mint

A quick and easy recipe for classic homemade lemonade with mint and lemon. Thanks to the SirCooking website, you will learn how to make lemonade at home.

Wed Feb 02 2022

Recipes,Bakery products

Puff pastry pizza

I love simple recipes. I love puff pastry - for the ease of working with it and the predictably good result. And I love pizza - for its bright appearance and my favorite cheese and tomatoes in the com...

Tue Sep 07 2021


Country dessert with raspberries

Being in the country or in the village, in nature or on a picnic, it is not always possible to cook some delicacy for dessert, but you want something sweet anyway. I'll show you a simple dessert that ...

Sun Sep 12 2021


Pears in Cider "Merry Party"

Pears in Cider "Merry Party"

Mon Nov 22 2021